Regulations for visitors


Inside the Garden and the Grove, IT IS NOT ALLOWED:

- enter the greenhouses with bulky backpacks, so as not to damage the plants; backpacks must be carried by hand

- enter the Boschetto without the accompaniment of a guide

- introduce dogs without a leash (any excrements must be collected)

- use bicycles, roller skates, etc.

- abandon waste

- have a picnic

- picking up or damaging plants, flowers and fruits

- touch or disturb Cornelio, the goose

- chase or annoy other wild animals in the garden (mallards, herons, eastern cottontails, ...)



- plants with thorns and toxic plants

- the pools with water,

especially if you accompany children.


To the previous rules are added these new indications, linked to the health protection procedures for the COVID-19 health emergency

- At the entrance, follow the directions for entry and exit flows

- Wear the mask

- Sanitize your hands with the disinfectant gel at the entrance before approaching the ticket office

- Prepare the cash in count or in small denominations

- Keep a distance of 2 m from other people with the exception of your family unit.

We thank visitors for their cooperation.


The internal staff of the Botanical Garden and the Department are authorized to check that no damage and / or removal takes place and that the regulation is respected.

Violators will be invited to leave the Botanical Garden.