The Greenhouse of South Africa

L'interno della Serra del Sudafrica (foto L.M. Mingozzi)


The South African greenhouse, built in the years 2006-2007, has particular characteristics compared to most existing greenhouses, as it shows different environments of South Africa and not just single species.


Different environments were chosen for their very high biodiversity due to environmental and floristic conditions different from those of all other regions of the world.

Even in this small space, the Fynbos, the Karoo, the Namaqualand and other typical environments of the region are represented.

To recreate them in the greenhouse, about 500 species were imported from South Africa, as living plants or as seeds. Among these there are representatives of families such as Restionaceae and roteaceae and of genera, such as Pelargonium, of particularly interesting from the scientific point of view and for the ornamental and medicinal uses.


Later an extraordinary environment was recreated, the quartz fields, with its extraordinary species that can live in extreme conditions due to their completely exceptional adaptations.



To know more:

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