The Garden

Il Giardino dell'Orto Botanico di Torino (foto A. Biagiolini)


The area in front of the building, which enjoys excellent exposure, occupies an area of ​​about 0.9 hectares and is characterized by the central avenue with monumental trees, the three central basins and the geometrically arranged flower beds.


The plant species are arranged in families in the flower beds, according to the systematic order of Flora Europaea.

Many species of the native flora are included alongside others of various origins, chosen to illustrate the morphological characteristics and uses.


Then there is a collection of officinal plants and dyeing plants, housed in about fifty stone basins along the north side of the garden, alongside the pedestrian path and the rose garden; the signs illustrate their medicinal or food uses.


Other particular collections are those of aquatic plants, in pots near the entrance, which show adaptations to free water or swampy areas, and that of fruit plants, with figs, apple trees, rowans, pear trees, apricots (in the Grove it is there is a collection of ancient varieties of apple, pear and thorns, the Garnier-Valletti Collection).


In the garden there are the four greenhouses and the Alpineto.