The Alpineto

Alpineto Orto Botanico di Torino


The "Alpineto" is a complex of rocky flowerbeds that imitate, as far as possible, the natural mountain habitats with small bumps and valleys mostly with different exposure, and is equipped with both siliceous and limestone rocks to allow the cultivation of species with different edaphic needs.


The species cultivated in an Alpineto can be of high mountain habitat (between 1500 and 2000 m asl) or alpine (above 2000 m) and can come from the mountain ranges of each continent.


The current Alpineto was built in the years 1962-63 by Prof. Bruno Peyronel, an expert on alpine flora, with the aim of showing species that for their greater needs could not be successfully cultivated in normal systematic flower beds.


For the preparation of the hill, rocks of various sizes were used, taken from Pian della Mussa and the species planted were directly collected in a natural environment or obtained from other Italian and foreign Alpine Gardens and Botanical Gardens.



To know more:

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