The Garden, the Alpineto, the Greenhouses, the Grove

L'ingresso dell'Orto Botanico di Torino in primavera (foto G. Teppa)


The Turin Botanical Garden consists of a part set up in the Garden, between the building of the Department of Life Sciences and Systems Biology and the Valentino Castle, and a part behind it, the Boschetto.

The garden occupies approximately 9000 m2 (0.9 hectares); it is divided into thematic flowerbeds (for botanical families) and houses an “Alpineto” at the south-west end (built in 1962-63 by Prof. Bruno Peyronel), 4 greenhouses (the South African greenhouse, inaugurated in 2007 and located on the west side of the garden, and the greenhouse of Succulent plants, the tropical greenhouse and the new multiplication greenhouse, on the east side of the garden), three tanks, and a series of stone tanks, along the north side of the garden which host the collection of medicinal plants .

Il Boschetto (Grove or Arboretum) has an area of approximately 18000 m2 (1.8 hectares).

The current layout derives from the restructuring started in 1995, which has adapted the Botanical Garden to the guidelines of the modern Botanical Gardens.


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