Guided tours of the beehives in the Boschetto

La visita guidata agli alveari del Boschetto (foto M. Cucco)


Every second Sunday of the month, during the scheduled opening hours, beekeepers Lorenzo Domenis and Marco Cucco are present at the Botanical Garden to accompany visitors to the Boschetto apiary.


During the visit (lasting about 1 hour and included in the admission ticket), we will discover with them the wonderful world of bees and the products of the hive (honey, pollen, propolis, royal jelly, poison and wax), with the possibility to observe the workers at work thanks to Casa Sibilla, a demonstration hive with transparent walls.

At the end of the guided tour there is a tasting of the various honeys that the city bees produce during the year, foraging the different seasonal blooms in the Valentino Park.


For groups specifically interested in the subject it is possible to agree on different days.


For days and times of guided tours consult the "Events and guided tours" menu.