Visits to the Botanical Gardens

The Botanical Garden offers the possibility of guided tours to classes of all school levels and to organized groups.

The visits must be booked by phone (at least one week before the visit), stating the date, the hour and the chosen itinerary, on one of the following numbers:
011 6705980, Valeria Fossa – mobile no. 338 9581569

Indications on how to pay for the visit will be given at the moment of the reservation.

Visits are possible from Monday to Friday, from approximately 9.00am to 4.00 pm; the tour can last 1 hour (basic visit of the Garden or Tree Grove) or 2 hours (visit to the Garden + visit to the Tree Grove)

For 2016, the cost of the group ticket is 40 Euros for each group for a maximum of 25-30 visitors per group (80 Euros for a visit of 2 hours).

A maximum of two groups at a time is possible.

After the phone booking, a reservation form will be sent via e-mail or by fax and this should be filled in and sent back.

From March 2016, it will be possible for infant schools and primary schools to undertake practical activities connected to Botany at the Botanical Garden. Those who are interested can contact Gaia Monti: 3287491675 (infant schools) or Valeria Fossa: 338581569 (primary schools).