Access for the disabled

The entire Botanical Garden can be visited by those who have the necessity of using a wheelchair or have reduced mobility. The Greenhouses and the whole open-air area, in both the gardens and in the tree grove, can be visited without any problems. The only exception is the Tropical Plant Hothouse, where it is necessary to go down 4 steps to enter, and the aisles are too narrow to allow wheelchairs to pass.

Access through the main door is not possible for those with reduced mobility, but it is possible, on request, to enter by means of the vehicle entrance. Part of the itinerary is on a tarmac surface, part is on a grass surface and the remaining part is on an unpaved path.

A tactile itinerary is also available for the blind and visually impaired. This itinerary, which was created in collaboration with the Italian Society of the Blind, consists of 13 explanatory signboards with two forms of writing: Braille and normal writing but in large elevated letters. The signboards also have some useful drawings, again raised, to help recognize the species.

A visit in LIS (Italian Sign Language) is available, on request, for those with impaired hearing.

Visits can also be arranged for the mentally disabled.

All the activities for the disabled must be reserved by telephone in advance.

There is no car park at the Botanical Gardens; the nearest public car park is in Corso Massimo d’Azeglio. The Botanical Gardens can be reached by: buses 9 and 16 (get off at the Valentino stop) and buses 18 and 67 (get off at the Marconi stop).